Sunday, December 30, 2007

No light makes jennifer go something something....

The symptoms of SAD include:

  • Low mood, reduced interest in normally pleasurable activities, decreased concentration;
  • Oversleeping (often an increase of 4 hours or more each day);
  • Low energy and fatigue;
  • Intense craving for carbohydrates;
  • Weight gain and carbohydrate/sweets craving;
  • Withdrawal from social contacts;
  • Depression.
HELLO, I have checked every box here! I thought I could make it this year, but again I just feel crusty and crabby.

Research studies report women are eight times more likely to suffer from SAD

That's great, why does Nathan never gets sick?

I am sure everyone up here is suffering in some way, but for those sunny happy people down south let me tell you how I am feeling....I am not insane. I feel normal, although I am tired a lot of the time. Coffee helps, but never completely. I just feel bland, I don't really feel like doing anything. I can still laugh, smile and feel happy. But when I feel down.... I feel WAY down. I can feel so blue that my conscious mind asks "whoa, dude what are you freaking out about" or "why exactly do you feel like crying lady, it's really not that bad?" And then I say back (just because I talk to myself, doesn't mean I am crazy crazy) " Yeah why do I feel so crappy, there really is no logical reason, but I still feel over the moon blue." Let me tell you the husband suffers largely. Poor Nay Nay.

Ok so this year I have learned something.... I am going to be south during one of these months... November, December or January, even if I have to leave behind Nathan to fend for himself. And all for some radiation from a stupid star.


Kara and Matt said...

I know how you feel! If I didn't have a baby to wake me up, I feel like I could sleep forever. I normally eat a tonne of fruit, but right now I don't think I have eaten any fruit other than mandarine oranges. The excitement over the move is helping keep me motivated this year too. Our new home should be better because the sun does not leave for weeks at a time there! Hurray! You can come there for a break next January :)

Julie said...

You coming down November, December or January would cure my blue moods! Especially if you came ALLLL of November, December and January! :) You can stay with me! Especially since I usually ban most carbs and sweets from being anywhere in my household that I can access easily :) lol

just remember....Hawaii!!

J Consortium said...

I'm in the same boat as you, Jen. My sleep is so messed up and I feel down all the time. Rankin has a tanning bed, I'm thinking I should probably go to it (if the place is ever open, it keeps weird hours). I need some UVA/UVB. On my good days I feel okay but on the bad, it's really bad. I can't wait to go on vacation and get some sun.


Aleks said...

Sorry, Feb. in Ottawa is not going to offer you anything in terms of happy happy sun rays. though the LCBO may help... :-D

There's also a Starbucks next to a tanning salon!

Jackie S said...

Jackie prior to going home for Christmas:

Sleep, run to work in the dark, eat carbs, surf the internet, eat carbs, walk home in the dark, eat some more carbs....sleep, wake up long enough to watch an episode of Wonderfalls, and then eat some more carbs before sleeping again.

And as soon as I got back down south I got sick. Probably all those carbs getting to me.

Stay strong carb-sista... and going on a short vacation does help. I'm back to being a normal human after just a week

Kennie said...

Jen you are not alone ... over this Holiday break I've been sleeping in until 2:00 pm (unless some one calls to see if I want to watch a hockey game) and have been craving nothing but dark chocolate, chips ahoy cookies with cream cheese, and goldfish crackers ( I have these, but I need to save them for school lunches). Now, whether this is the dark getting to me or just the fact that I am on holidays and don't have to wake up at 6:00 am... who knows. But I do admit that I feel "funky" like there is something missing (although I know what half of the problem is ... ). Hang in there! At least you see the sun / have light periods that last longer than 20 minutes!

Jen said...

Thanks everyone, it's nice to feel like we aren't alone suffering up here. One this is for sure, I won't be having any kind of bathing suit body come February and Hawaii...thanks to all those oreos and delicious carbs!

Julie you need to come up here!!

Aleks...does the sun rise over the horizon? Yes, ok then it will be better then here. :)

Shelley said...

Hi Jen
One of my friends bought me a SAD light as a going away gift. I decided to start using it before symptoms started and fired it up today. I'll let you know if it is worth the expense. Available at Shoppers Home Health.

My blog is

The Big Move