Sunday, December 23, 2007

Like a lobster, huge and red

And the best, I must confess, I have saved for the last
For the ruler of this Christmas land
Is a fearsome King with a deep mighty voice
Least that's what I've come to understand

And I've also heard it told
That's he's something to behold
Like a lobster, huge and red
And sets out to slay with his rain gear on
Carting bulging sacks with his big great arms
That is, so I've heard it said

And on a dark cold night
Under full moonlight
He flies into a fog
Like a vulture in the sky
And they call him Sandy Claws


Kennie said...

Yeah for Jack Skellington and the Nightmare Before Christmas!

Kara and Matt said...

oops, I think I ate Santa Claws! ehhehe check my blog for details!

Julie said...