Monday, July 06, 2009


Today Ezri went in for her 6 Month shots. I documented the day with the NEW camera Nathan got me for my birthday. New camera you ask? Why do you need another camera? Well, let me explain. Firstly, let me point out that I do have 2 hands, so why not two? Second of all I wanted one of those little point & shoot cameras so I could take movies of Ezri, avoiding possible future incidents of holding my lap top over the bathtub trying to capture bath time. For most people this is the staple camera, for me it's a fun camera. My meat and potatoes camera weighs like 20lbs, so shooting with this 2 gram of a thing is like a party in my hands. Sure the image quality isn't what I'm used to, but I've had a BLAST taking photos today. (for those of you wondering, Kennie, Julie & Aleks it's a Canon powershot sd960)

So like I was saying we went to get Ezri's shots. Fun? Not so much.
To cheer us both up we took a little walk and shop in the Northern store. Ezri was incognito. Incognito from the sun. See what I'm saying about taking fun shots with a camera that doesn't need bulging biceps just to hold. I was able to take this shot with one hand. ONE!Here is also something I can not do with my SLR (easily), it's just too damn heavy. Take a shot of myself from above without risk of camera falling and crushing baby.
After shopping, we started to get a little cranky.Mommy to the rescue with a cookie. Smell that baby crack.Oh yeah, that makes it feel all better.

P.S Announcing another Nunavummiut Blogger. Morena at Babies & Bulldogs. Her little boy Oliver is Ezri's Boyfriend. And her Bulldog Tank is Tallinn's boyfriend. This is yet another CD blog. WE ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD. Eat dust Arctic Bay! :)


Julie said...

hahaha good call on naming the camera I was just going to ask.

When we got those ones in the store I told everyone they reminded me of a feminine product..

Good camera though! and shoots HD! Lol

Julie said...

ps> you didn't answer all my questions... What colour?!

Morena said...

Love the cookie shots! I was going to buy some today but they were expired. I guess I'll have to order some on foodmail.

And thanks for the mention! I already got one comment from someone I'm sure heard about me from you.

indigo said...

Sounds like a good buy, I hear you on the weight thing.

Bandaids, like em? not so much. If the leg swells or is later slightly irritated (very common side effect) makes it hard to get it off even in the bath. Waiting an extra 30 seconds with pressure to the site after the injection will eliminate the need for a bandaid (of course here we have day glo Jesus bandaids).

Kennie said...

that is a nice little Canon camera ... I'm always on the look out for a new small digital .. although now it's the on the look out for a new DSLR ... sigh. Why do we have to love our photography toys so much?

And i love Ezri's face "baby crack"! hehehe! too cute!

jen said...

Julie, it's blue! Feminine product? What kinds of feminine products are you using? lol

Indigo, I totally agree about the band aid thing, the marks the it left were far worse then the injection site itself. Last time we went without and this time the nurse had them on before I thought about it. I think maybe next time we'll try to go without.

Tina said...

Rob has a Canon Powershot that I have been known to use, especially for making little videos (Joey singing). I hear ya on the weight thing. I just ordered a flash for my camera and it makes it a MONSTER to hold on to!

Matthew and Michele said...

LOL. Baby crack. You know even us older fellows like the cookies.

I have been thinking of getting a point and shoot camera for the same reasons. But there is still that next lens for the other camera to get. mmmmmm

I think other than Iqaluit we may have the most bloggers of the outer communities!

Julie said...

when the camera was introduced the way they had the ad was all four of the colours on their side with the round side on the top. Reminded me of an O.B. ad

Aida said...

yeah, i love my handy digital, its light. Frank's camera is about 15 lbs its insane. i love the last pic of her!