Sunday, September 21, 2008


Like everywhere else in the territory it's been snowing. It's so clean and crisp, especially when accompanied with a cloudless blue sky. I can't wait for the temperatures to drop and the for the rain to be gone for good. It's all just a matter of time.While we are waiting for the baby to arrive we have been working on Tally's manners. We have a few major concerns like "borrowing" food from an unsuspecting toddler or excessively using his massive paw as communication and knocking the baby around. No more people food, no more pawing. HAHAHAHA!!! Apparently Malamutes are stubborn. I have been reading Cesar Milan's book on how to become a pack leader, we have been watching the "Dog Whisperer" and another show called "At The End of My Leash" to hopefully get some insight. A lot of the cases are very similar and we have started implementing some new rules such as "claiming" the kitchen as my territory and off limits to Tallinn. We have also stopped giving him scraps, stopped treating him like a person instead of a dog, not letting him crawl all over me and most importantly trying to give him more exercise and walks. Tallinn is great on walks off leash, but as soon as I put him a leash I immediately turn into a big juicy sled that he can't resist pulling. In my state right now I just don't have the strength to handle that. I really don't know what to do about that and I don't think Cesar Milan is willing to come up to Canada, let alone the arctic. I finally saw a show on this morning called "Downsize My Pet" where really overweight dogs and cats are put on a diet. This morning's episode had a very large Husky who could barely walk, let along pull her owner around on a leash. Then I thought maybe I could just plump my little cupcake up and he would stop pulling? Maybe not.
I'm also desperately waiting for Halloween. The urge to decorate and get in the mood too early is a symptom of living up north because it gets colder earlier. I started feeling the need for Halloween the end of August and have been trying to keep it under control for this long. My mom sent me some Bath & Body Works hand soaps in the mail a couple of days ago (becuase they don't ship in Canada, even though they have stores here...bad, Bad, BAD Bath & Body works, shame on you!). I can hardly contain myself any longer and think I may decorate my house soon! It's time to bust out the scary movies too!


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Go ahead and decorate! I can't wait to see your costume this year!

Fawn said...

My dog is also better off-leash than on. We went through a lot of work training him to be good on a leash and managed okay, but now since we rarely use a leash again, he's kind of lapsed. *sigh*

A tool that we found worked very well for training not to pull was a Halti headcollar. It works by tightening up around the muzzle when the dog tries to pull. Supposedly they get used to having it on and become more submissive, but Nanuq always hated it, so we used it as punishment when he wouldn't listen. And boy did it work then.

When are you due, again? I'm curious how far apart our due dates are...

Lindsay Gee said...

the Gentle Leader works great for walking dogs. It doesn't tighten or anything it just controls where the head goes. I use it on Jadzia and it stops her from pulling and hurting her neck. Look it up. My vet grandpa recommends it to most people who have trouble with their dogs and he is like my very own dog whisperer. ha ha ha. It is so true. He takes the most unruly dogs, talks sweetly to them and they just start listening and behaving. I threaten to leave my dog there all the time. ha ha ha.

Aida said...

good luck..perhaps he will knowingly be better behave when the baby comes.

Christina said... those new pics...missing being up there to get excited about an early snowfall and halloween! Miss you guys! As for Tallinn, old habits die hard, but I'm sure he'll come around...afterall, he was your first 'baby'. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I love bath and body! I made sure to load up on it before I moved here to the Netherlands. Yes I know how bad is it that they don't ship in Canada?? When I lived there it was a pain in the butt. But the Coconut Lime hand soap is so worth it :)
Good luck with your little cupcake :) I know my dog is just spoiled rotten and he's having a hard time adjusting with me giving others attention.. but he'll learn. I love you blog btw, I am usually a lurker here lol.


jen said...

Fawn, I'm due Jan 04, so I still got a few weeks left, looks like your coming up soon on your due date! Congratulations btw.

We did get one of those actually, but haven't tried it yet. Will have to give it a shot, but if I know Tallinn he'll just run with his face pulling down.

Christina, we're all missing having you here, especially going to miss Ainsley in her halloween costume! :)

Thanks for lurking on the blog, I have actually lurked over to your blog previously as well ;). I love the lime and coconut, it's my favourite!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Momma...
Sounds like things are going good so far.
I remember the first and LAST time I TRIED to walk Tallin, he nearly dislocated my ribs LOL

Wish I could be there for halloween again this year.
Misses you lots