Monday, September 08, 2008

Expensive Eats in the North

Box of Frootloops $15.99 (More like gold encrusted loops!)
Cabbage $7.09

O.K, I get that there are some shipping costs involved. So why then are some items fairly reasonably priced and others are way off the chart, and we are not talking about a difference in weight. How can 6 of the same apples be sold for $3.50 at one store and $8 at another? It just doesn't make sense.

Food Mail* has recently been getting more expensive because of fuel costs and there has even been talks about the Food Mail program being shut down or altered. We don't order every week and sometimes I feel like buying on Food Mail can be even more expensive then buying from the local stores up here. However there just isn't the same selection up here that you can get on Food Mail, especially with fruits and vegetables. And don't get me started about EXPIRATION DATES, the standards up here are not what you would ever dare to compare to any store in the south. I'm sick of buying ridiculously expired dry goods (being that I'm more careful buying expired dairy and produce, sometimes I miss the date on dry goods). I can understand why the stores try to sell off their rotten produce as if nothing is wrong, it's hard to estimate what's going to go bad and what is going to be good, and I know they hold a lot of it in Iqaluit to be randomly shipped. But 3 year expired Oreos, not O.K. I really hope they don't get rid of Food Mail, with all of it's costs and problems, at least I know I'm going to get my dry goods within their recommended lifespan. And my apples & cabbage at a non brain bleeding price.

*Food Mail can be explained here


Aida said...

we dont do foodmail, heard its cheaper to buy stuff in the store unless its something that is not available in the store.

i got bagel bits and stupid me for not seeing the expiry date it was jan 2007! the most expensive thing i got so far which is strange was 2 bananas for $6.39 and i didnt even notice till i got home, i double checked my receipts nowadays.

Aleks said...

The cost of jet fuel, and hence your food, is going to go up even more if the Liberals pass their Green Shift plan.

Kate Nova said...

I've gotten used to most things, but cereal leaves my perplexed. $15 for a box of Raisin Bran? Especially as it's supposedly one of the healthy foods, eligible for subsidization? I don't get it.

That said, I know we are super lucky in Iqaluit compared to what I've seen in Clyde, Arctic Bay, and now even here. In choice but also in quality.

Matthew and Michele said...

We purchase some crunchy peanut butter without first looking at the date. After the jar was half devoured we noticed the expiry date was March 2006.

It didn't taste that bad.

I've noticed when we go south that a lot of foods do taste different and it must be because the food is always fresh.

Note: I am no longer allowed to purchase food items at the stores. (3.99 onion)

yukonmusher said...

we are on a road system here in faro, yukon and last year 1 tomatoe was 5.00!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

I love that the picture is NOT from the Northern. :) With that being said, even though we are a road store, I get my mom to send me stuff we can't get here. It's cheaper to have her mail it then to drive 3 hours into Meadow Lake.

Lindsay Gee said...

It doesn't seem like the compensation for living (being posted) up north could make up for those kind of prices. I find it hard to penny pinch when it comes to food. It must be really hard for you guys to decide what food is not worth the price. Strange. I love food I couldn't handle the crappy quality at such high prices.
YOur food cost must be massive. Harsh.

In Iqaluit said...

Did you hear about the $55 dollar watermelon in Nain, Labrador?

Apparently that was a mistake. It was supposed to be $38. Crazy!

I was at NorthMart in Iqaluit and looked at the teething biscuits for my 1-year old son. I don't always remember to look for expiry dates (though I should!), I always do for any baby stuff. I make his food so it is not usually an issue. Anyway, the baby biscuits were expired! I told someone and they took them off the shelves. It was only a month over the expiry but still.

Food Mail is not tranparent enough. I am outraged!

Every week I try to buy some fresh fruit (other than bananas and apples) but am always disappointed (I just want a decent peach!). My husband joked that the listeria outbreak is not an issue in the north because it would have been another 3 or 4 months before it was shipped up here anyway.

Indigo said...

love the last post re literia - how true.

We had some store bought multi grained crunchy nutritious type bread when we came south this spring and David complained it was wet. It was not wet, it was fresh!!

In Tuk right now 2 litres of fresh milk just 2 days before expiry date is $10. I did buy 4 1-litre cartons of organic apricot juice (tetra packs) for $3/each as the Northern decided no one would buy them at $9.95 each and so marked them down. Within expiry date.

Shelley said...

One of the first things anyone said to me when I moved here was this: "Only in the north". I've learned that covers a lot!