Wednesday, July 16, 2008

While no one else is blogging...I will

I was reading Kara's blog and she has come up with a distraction to help me stop obsessing over Mcdonalds. Little did she know that tonight I HAVE EATEN A QUARTER POUNDER WITH CHEESE brought up fresh (made yesterday and still oh so good lol) from Ottawa. The new member here has arrived and his wonderful wife brought me and Nathan a Quarter pounder as a little gift. Originally I had opened the bag, saw two quarter pounders and cried a tear, you have brought me TWO quarter pounders, then I was informed that I was supposed to share lol.

Anyways back to Kara's idea. She was tagged in a chain to blog about a certain topic. This topic being your spouse has to list 3 things he/she knows about you. And then your supposed to end your post with some random assortment of letters, which I'm going to skip out on. Nathan being a difficult person could not except the boundaries of this activity and gave me such answers as:

1. You are wearing a pink sweatshirt

2. You have Eyes

3. You are sitting on the couch

So I asked him to be a little more serious and he can't if I don't explain to him exactly what it is that I want. Well then aren't I answering for you then? He doesn't understand, he has given his answers, shouldn't that be sufficient?

And then I thought OMG I'm married to my DAD!! When I was a little girl in grade school I would have silly assignments about getting to know your parents. One question in particular used to drive me nuts "what's your dad's favourite colour?" in which he would reply "but I like all the colours" and then I would say (now in my adult head) "yes but I'm in grade two so could you not make this so complicated and just pick one colour?" and then he would say "But what if I didn't have a favourite colour?". Why does this have to be so complicated?

So I am going to play this game and list three things about myself that are slightly more interesting then what I'm wearing and where I'm sitting.

1. I check my e-mail, blogs and facebook way more then a normal person should. I would say at least 10 times at day... AT LEAST....I won't tell you the most, that would just be embarrassing.

2. I hate the sound of someone rubbing their hands over carpet, it makes me cringe like nails on a chalk board.

3. I am a closet messy person. I don't tidy or clean until I know someone is coming over. That way they have no idea how lazy I am and I can still be lazy most of the time. My new slogan is
"A clean house is the sign of a wasted life"!

There you have it 3 stupid and random things. Since I have now changed the name of the game and have removed the uncooperative spouse from the mix, I'm going to tag:


and spouse optional

Hopefully this will give me more to read about as I check to see if there are new posts way too much.


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

hehehe you are a great stalker!

Glad to know that my husband is not the only nard out there. He was such a dork about it and he harasses me that I am too addicted to blogs. But he might be right... I think I check this stuff more than 10 times a day. And hardly anyone is blogging! Come on folks, I know the sun is out and all, but come on- throw us a bone!

So did Nathan have to cuff you to get the quarter pounder out of your paws?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on cleaning. My saying is "People live here - it's not a show home!"

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. You made me pee. Jason is exactly like that in every way. I thought I was the only one married to my dad. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one.

Even if no one is blogging, I'm still reading. I don't blog. I had a livejournal for a while, but I gave up on that. Too weird for me.

Are we still going on a date when you come see us?

Julie said...

Jen, I know how you feel about getting McDicks flown to you.. It's exactly how I would feel if someone came to my house with Taco Time.. mmmmmm crispy meat burritos and mexi fries delux. mmm!!

Why can't southern ontario have taco time!

I'm SO driving to Orangeville this summer for a taco face filling. You in? lol ROAD TRIP!

jen said...

Kara, he totally had to pry it out of my hands! MMMmmmm only 6 days until I can have another one!

Bri, if your still up for it in a about a month lol?

Julie, you have TACO TIME IN ORANGEVILLE? See you can easily drive there, meanwhile I would have to catch a 2 grand flight to get Mcdonalds on a whim. Oh god is it wrong to want to eat a taco and a quarter pounder at the same time. Pregnant me feels like when Bender turns into a human and he wants to experiance everything at the same time. I can just seem him now dancing to Gloria Estevan.

dogsled_stacie said...

I think we're making up for the lack of blogging now, holy cow it's getting crazy. Oh wait I just realized, who are you talking about?!?!lol

Love the husband-answers. Yes, I see how the dogs answers almost rate higher. Or at the very least, similar. They all love bacon. Haha!