Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Happy Nunavut Day

Today this 9 year old territory was celebrated with a parade, games and a traditional feast. This time I did not ride in the parade, but chose to walk and take photos. I was mentioning to my friends that we must look like tourists walking around town with our monster SLR cameras. Just as I said that a huge group of tourists, that we had no idea had arrived in town walked over the hill. A group of about 50 government employees from the south were up in Iqaluit having a conference and decided to day trip it over to our community. They chartered 4 planes to get here and stayed about an hour. Um can you say most expensive day trip ever!! Hey lets just spend thousands of dollars and pop over to another community. I'm assuming the government picked up that tab. Anyways I think they thought we were part of their group at first and were giving us weird looks when we were asking why they were here. Even worse I spent the rest of the day having some local people greet me and welcome me to town. I had those big shady Paris Hilton sunglasses on and a giant camera, so I guess I fit right into the charter plane crowed. Meanwhile this has been my home for 2 years. One lady said she didn't recognize me because I cut my hair. Oh by the way I cut my hair, but that's for a different post.

This is what Fireworks look like when night time doesn't exist. It was a day time show, hey why not? You can barely see the fireworks, but you could've made them out if you were there. The camera only picked up on the left over smoke.


Anonymous said...

You cut your own hair? I'll go for the Paris glasses, I have a pair too (that I do wear on calls, for the record) but your hair? Oh gurl - you /really/ need me to come there, don't you? -Bri

jen said...

Haha Bri - I didn't actually do it myself, I had a girlfriend do it for me. It was just a little heat relief bob, then I'll probably get it styled when I get down south lol. Photos to come :)

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

I'm waiting for that photo too!

Anonymous said...

I did't know the Government gave tours by the hour...ehem

Michele (M & M)