Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Another Year

A few days ago I celebrated a birthday. I wasn't expecting it to be any better then the year before where I spent it on a plane by myself coming back up north. I also spent 5 extra hours in the Iqaluit airport that day. But this year was completely different. First of all Christina was making me dinner AND a cake, AND then all these people came out of the closet. I was completely fooled, I had no idea that I was getting a surprise party, my first ever! I don't know why anyone hasn't tried it in the past because I am terribly gullible. If there is an entire case of pop missing from the sealift room? Oh that's just Nathan drinking a lot of pop no party planning here. The van parked outside of Christina's place, that's different but hey I'm sure there is a good reason and then BAM there is party, and it's a surprise! It was so fantastic and I am terribly lucky to have people that are willing to share their food and company with me.
This is my cheesy portrait pose. It helps get rid of the chin fat.
This is also something amazing that happened on my birthday, massive icebergs from the bay breaking up. The really big ones only lasted a day and that day was my birthday, so that must mean they were my icebergs! They were massive and beautiful and ever so incredible. Just after the surprise party, a flock of us photographers migrated down to the beach to shoot the bergs at low tide. I guess I don't have to worry about the ice being too "thin" when I'm out snowmobiling next year. It was a good visual example, me vs. the iceberg. Hey I don't feel so fat anymore!


Lindsay Gee said...

Super fantastic fun in the north. Your surprise party was super fun. I didn't get to see you though there was a lot of people. I was disappointed to have flown all that way and not even get to chat... but the cake was delicious.

glad it was fun.. Luv YA bunches

jen said...

Lindsay your hilarious and I miss you. I guess I missed you at the craft sale and garage sale too then. We are having another garage sale this sunday? Will you come back for that lol ;)

Lindsay Gee said...

How are there so many garage sales? Don't you need to ship everything in at high cost to accumulate new stuff in order to sell your old stuff in a garage sale? How can anywhere in Nunavut have a garage sale more than every 2 years. I get the craft sale thing but garage sale....... Who has all the stuff to sell. Unless it's dead peoples stuff.

jen said...

LOL Actually some people here are moving and it's sometimes cheaper to sell things then bring them back with you. People are moving (in and) out of here all the time, hence lots of sell. The prices of items here are inflated too, so you don't sell stuff for like 50 cents you can sell it for more. And you can still accumulate too much crap living in the north! I have picked up a bunch of second hand baby stuff that I wouldn't be able to ship up easily too. So it's all good.

Julie said...

Is that brown this with a face a cake as well??? Cause it look yummy! It all looks yummy!

I forgot that it was your 25th. For some reason I keep thinking we were born in the same year, but you are an 83 baby!

Popular Culture 1983

Final Episode of M*A*S*H airs record 125 million watch
Cabbage Patch Dolls are sold in shops and become a success
West German news magazine Stern publish the Hitler Diaries which turn out to be Forgeries
Popular Films

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Trading Places
Superman III
Staying Alive
National Lampoon's Vacation
Never Say Never Again
Terms of Endearment
Educating Rita
Popular Musicians

Phil Collins
The Police with " Every Breath that you take "
Hot Chocolate
Big Country
Black Sabbath
David Bowie
Johnny Cash
Culture Club
Duran Duran
Elton John
Pink Floyd
Ozzy Osbourne
Lionel Richie with " All Night Long "
Rod Stewart
Michael Jackson with " Beat It and Billy Jean "
The Moody Blues
Bob Marley and the Wailers

Aleks said...

If Jen's a Return of the Jedi baby, I guess that makes me an Empire Strikes back baby.

Julie said...

The best I have in 1982 is E.T.

Jen has the better pop culture year for hands down!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Jen. Love the new header picture also.

Julie said...

Jens! I printed the photo you gave me from the header! I love it so much. I'm going to have to get it custom matted! I can hang it in our spare room in the new house where Mr. Tallinn is always welcome to come sleep over. Lol :)

Aida said...

happy birthday Jen, wow, i thought you were my age which is 4 years

ok maybe not great to say that to a pregnant woman. any belly pics coming up? at least you can blame your little wee one for the "fat"!

tell me about baby clothes! Kara sent me a whole bunch of stuff and Ben is still wearing them at 6 months and more to go. 2nd hand baby clothes rocks!

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, we tugged and pulled those "bitty" burgs in for you...

Michele (M & M)