Friday, July 25, 2008

Welcome to Beautiful Iqaluit

Heading out on yet another adventure to the south, a certain nameless airline had mechanical issues (again!) and we missed our connecting flight, getting stuck in Iqaluit. At first I was pretty bummed out, we were going to miss a few planned things down south, spending the time in Iqaluit instead. I was also upset that I had to wait yet another day to taste sweet glorious McDonald's. It all worked out in the end because we met up with Jaime from Nunavut Newbie, who has now made her home here in Iqaluit. Originally she lived in Rankin Inlet, so I never thought we'd meet her. Iqaluit has been experiencing super mild and lovely weather so it has been a nice stay and am glad we had this time to experiance just a bit more of beautiful Nunavut. Jaime, being the super awesome person that she is, offered to take us on the grand tour and we got to see it all. Here we are posing for only a 1 second in between trying to escape the absolute HOARDS of mosquitoes! I learned my lesson after this shot, trying to smile with my mouth open, ended up with some yummy squitoes in my mouth.
A good time was had, and I feel so much better about having missed our flight. Now I'm off to do a little Iqaluit shopping before we catch our flight to Ottawa.


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

I'm glad you hooked with Jaime. Bet the bugs were yummy!

Julie said...

Hope you were able to fly out alright! Can't wait to see you Sunday night and show off our first home to you! Yay!! call Jers cell phone cause we have no phone or internet right now....this is not my internet

Nunavummiut Jaime said...

Thanks for the fun time! Feel free to get stuck in Iqaluit anytime. :)

What a great photo of us, though something superhuman is going on with my left arm.

Hope your vacation is going well so far!


jen said...

Jaime, it was your super human bug swatting skills. Those bugs were pretty sick eh! And there I am stupid enough to open my mouth that wide. BLak!
Yeah I would love to explore a little more of Iqaluit, it was pretty awesome. I'll definately let you know if were back again! ;)