Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BrAiNs, Zombies Must have eaten my...

That's why I haven't been posting, yeah that's it, the zombies ate my brains. That or I'm really having a bad case of the pregnancy brain fuzzies. The baby is sucking all the juicy fatty acids away from the think part of my brain, she is my little zombie. If you really think about it, it's kind of freaky. I have an organism living in my body that is sponging off of my brain...it's kind of Halloweeny really.

Meanwhile I have the attention span of a monkey and have no creative juices in me to post anything really interesting. Nathan is even starting to get frustrated that I haven't posted in so long. I eat, I sleep, I wake up screaming bloody murder from leg cramps, eat some more. That's about my life right now, with the occasional other activity, but I can't think of what those are because I have a temporary lobotomy until the baby is born, when I get my fatty acids back.

The other day I went to a community event honoring a woman who is very active with this community. Cheryl has seen to it that this community experiences a wide variety of programs for all ages. Most recently she put together a program to teach youths carving techniques by a few master carvers. All the kids from that program where there to thank her on this day. She has a long list of accomplishments and a few members of the community wanted to let her know how much she is appreciated. Cheryl was given the most amazing carving by the master carvers of the youth carving program, a pair of amazing kamiks by one of the sewing groups and a hat, mitts and parka by the other sewing group. She was stylishly dressed for a blizzard before anyone knew it.

I posted a few photos of the event on facebook and Tina said she liked this photo, so I'm posting it up here. It is pretty cute. Maybe when I see my little zombie all dressed up in the cutest pair of kamiks like this little boy, I'll forgive her for all the brain juice she sucked out of me.
Just a reminder today is ELECTION DAY! DON'T FORGET TO GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!


Tina said...

That is my favorite picture. And I remember to leg cramps oh so well. I feel for you my friend. :)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture. Hope the leg cramps end soon!


allmycke said...

Cramps, peeing, mush for brains... Luckily you'll forget all about it once baby arrives.

in iqaluit said...

Oh but then there is the breastfeeding. It makes you soooo thirsty and exhausted. And in pain.

What a downer, I am. Sorry. But it really is all worth it. They take your energy but you get so much back!

Aida said...

unfortunately it only gets worse, the baby sucking out all our conscious mind that is..lol

the leg cramps..ouch i remember those too.!

btw, i saw there is an amauti making workshop in CD.is it only open to Inuks?

jen said...

Aida, they are totally running a course, open to all. The sewing group told me I could sign up for a draw (so many girls sign up that the draw is a fair way to decided who gets in). I passed on the opportunity because I would be missing key sewing lessons come the time I leave in November. I think I would rather pay someone else to do it anyways...I really really suck at sewing! lol Baby probably fall out the back if I made mine!

Fawn said...

Breastfeeding was only painful at the very beginning, and then it was really only because of the bad advice (or rather bad interpretation) of a doctor saying, "Let her nurse all she wants." While letting baby nurse all she wants is a good idea, 45 minutes on one boob on the very first session is NOT. I had a blister on that side that made me want to cry every time she wanted to feed. Another friend was told to go 5 minutes on each side to start (and just keep switching back and forth until baby's done) and she didn't get this blistering problem.

For the leg cramps, something that I found REALLY helped was taking magnesium (with calcium, to help your body absorb it). I was getting bad leg cramps earlier in this pregnancy and my massage therapist suggested it and it really made a difference. Not sure how hard it would be for you to get your hands on some, but if you can get it, it might offer some relief.