Friday, February 29, 2008


Is this shameless promotion? Yes, yes it is. However after dealing with astronomical quantities of businesses as a shopaholic, this site is earning my vote for best. Yes it might just be an online pharmacy but holy crap is it ever the best.

Lets start from the beginning. Some of you might have remembered the post I made last year about online shopping for us in Nunavut. also read it. Why? Because they were actually out searching for someone who would give them a strong customer relationship and found me. Someone actually took the time to send me an e-mail (not one pre-written with my name inserted, a real e-mail) to tell me about their site. This sounds logical, you would think most businesses are out looking for customers, however you are wrong. Most businesses that I have dealt with be it online of or in store, really could care less if you are a devotional shopper for them. No star treatment, unless of course you sign up for their promotional cards that really don't give you any promotions but are still costing you money. No thanks.

So I received an e-mail...FROM A REAL person. That was what caught my attention, but what has me writing a whole post about this company? They only charge $3 shipping to anywhere in Canada....and that's a big deal for us Nunavummiut!!! HUGE DEAL! Seeing as the only other online pharmacy (who isn't actually selling medication, you can see it on their site, but you can't actually purchase it) charges $30 as a starting rate for shipping. And I really don't have a problem with that other's just HELLO $3 is much better!

Getting Medication in Nunavut is an issue for me. You can't get certain things, and what's available you have to get from the nurses station. Or you can have mom and dad mail it up...but they have better things to be doing. So there is another positive check for, they actually sell medication. This company also shows me that customer service isn't dead with the extra personal touches they add, the little thank you they hand wrote on my order form was so nice. But the number one reason they are the best company of all time is that they knew I had a huge issue finding MINI EGGS online last year, so THEY ADDED THEM ON THEIR SITE......JUST FOR ME!!!!!

Here is the box I got last month. Tallinn was really excited about it, even though their wasn't anything in it for him. I was excited too..... just go check them out already.


Jackie S said...

that's so funny, i noticed the mini eggs listing... and thought it was bizarre that it was the only candy on their site. Now I know why!!

I am 100% a addict too. And it's so spreading around Rankin!!!!

We love!!!!!

Jackie S said...

Also: I LOVED the little hand-written thank you on my receipt too.

I totally gushed over it!

Lindsay Niedzielski said...

Thanks so much for the hint Jen...looks like a fabulous site, and I definately will be using it and passing it around to everyone here...thanks for sharing your finding, a site like that is perfect for up here!

Kennie said...

Ahh... so you're the reason why I bought a crap load of mini-eggs now :-) ... was wondering why I could only find mini eggs and nothing else. And yes, I live too! And the Body Shop with their 5$ shipping!

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Cool! Looks like I'll be looking on there later tonight, but I can't order until I get my new addy in Hay River.

Kara and Matt said...

Thanks! I am sure that will come in handy over here too!

Indigo said...

Jen, you should get a commission. There is a craft place I frequent (and have for some 20 years). The guys are all french who answer the phone and when I call from somewhere new they always tell me they know they can soon expect lots of orders from that new place.

Thanks for the sight. Love it.

Kate Nova said...

I totally just dropped $80 at this my mom won't have to send me care packages from Shoppers Drug Mart anymore.