Friday, February 01, 2008

Aleks of Ottawa

Some of you might remember Aleks as my brother who came up North for his first time in October. Others just know Aleks.....hopefully like mom & dad. Aleks lives in Ottawa and is very much a city boy, he is married and has one child (a dog named sookie). We are very similar in that we both treat our pets like children in some respects. Aleks is a pretty busy guy working with different academic groups and he just finished doing his masters degree. However he still finds time to do some very creative things like moving making, photography and now currently he has taken an interest in my blog. As he puts it guest blogging is very popular right now, so I have decided that we will give it a try while I head down south on vacation. If you like his commentary and photos, then please encourage him (to get his own blog) and maybe I will get my blog back when I come home.

As most of you know I am heading out to Hawaii, finally getting out on our honey moon. As Nathan always says "but honey coming to Nunavut was our honey moon", so I guess this is just a vacation. Anyways I won't be able to blog the whole time while I'm down, maybe the occasional post. This is why I am having Aleks fill in as a guest blogger, and to mainly keep Tina entertained.

My only worry about leaving home for a while is "OH GOD what will the house smell like if the sewer truck sucks the water out of the toilet for a whole month of non flushing?" My solution is to hopefully have someone come in an flush every few days.

Don't forget to continue to stop by Nunavut Nonsense! Our second photo challenge is up and needs votes!

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