Sunday, August 12, 2007

Polar Bear Swim

I went for a little dip in the Arctic Ocean yesterday, the water temperature was just under 4 degrees Celsius and the air temperature was 12C. It wasn't very warm (or pretty, referring to myself in a bathing suite), but at least the sun was shinning.


Kate Nova said...

You guys are amazing! I am trying to convince someone to go swimming with me here too. This will add arsenal to my argument. (Pun intended due to the excellent Rambo post.)

Jen said...

If your going to go, just find the next sunny day, doesn't matter how cold it is outside and go for it (even if it's after work, we went around 6 o'clock)! You should definately do it, it's a blast! Even if you just bring someone with you to take pictures. My only tip is just to try not to think to hard about it. I started to do that and as you see from the pictures I stopped myself last second while everyone else passed by me. I had to force myself last second. It's different for everyone too, for myself I feel like acid has been poured all over my body and the feeling in my toes and feet start to go. For my friend Jess, she was in and hanging out and she was even posing for pictures for me, it's like it wasn't effecting her the same way. Try it for sure!

Bonnieupnorth said...

Jen, Congrats....I have swam in the arctic ocean in Kugluktuk ( competed with the mosquitos ) and in Kugarruk but Arctic bay was just a little too far north.