Monday, August 27, 2007

Hiked on through to another Dimension

A few weeks ago I got the chance to take a little boat ride over to the island across from town called Mallik. We had been over there in the winter time with snow mobiles while the bay was frozen, but it's not so easy to reach in the summer time. Even though during low tide there is a land bridge, you don't want to risk getting stuck for 6 hours because the tide has come in too quickly.
A lot was discovered on the other side, everything from abandoned snow mobiles to the more natural elements like unidentified meat/skin from unidentified animal(see photo below). But most importantly what I discovered while on the hike is that I am horribly out of shape! Good thing that Elliptical trainer is coming on sealift!
The best part of this trip was capturing pictures of our town from a different perspective.


Offsite said...

mmmm my vote is for delicious Turkey :-)

Jackie said...

So the site I bought my jacket at is... it's completely overstock/closeouts/seconds... but as you well know, that stuff can get pretty pricey... and they do have some decent gear!

Question for you re: your footwear advice (because that is EXACTLY the point I am at right now...) I'm not going to be spending all day outside, but I will be walking 20-30 minutes back and forth to work (and I'm a journalist, so may be going out on the land a bit). Do you think I should bite the bullet and buy myself a decent pair of priceys...?

(I won't hold you solely responsible for my actions... promise!)

Thanks for the welcome!


PS, I think we have the same colour hair haha.