Monday, August 06, 2007

"Broke Into The Wrong God Damn Rec Room!"

For those of you that don't know, that's a classic line from a movie called "Tremors". A fantastic epic of my time that tells a story of large, worm creatures that live in the ground. And of course eat people and cause a lot of destruction through out the movie. The main character of the movie, Keven Bacon finds himself and his partner Earl (Fred Ward) stuck in a sleepy American desert town, trying to out smart these creatures. Of course living up to true American culture, two supporting characters are played up as a gun crazy couple. At one point in the movie one of these creatures travels through the ground and cracks right through the wall of their basement rec-room, the same room that displays every gun this couple owns. The scene changes to across town where the Keven Bacon character can hear the ring of many distant shots firing. The couple end up using every gun they own (pre-loaded might I add) to kill the beast. The last shot is fired from a Huge Elephant rifle and then the husband stops and says: "Broke into the wrong God Damn rec room, didn't you, you BASTARD!"

This is relevant to my life. Some how my husband and I are turning into the gun crazy couple. We just bought a rifle and it's on it's way up. And now there is talk of others. My husbands eyes widen as we talk of the possibilities, shot guns, air rifles, muzzle loaders (whatever that is), cross bows and of course now that I brought up the fact that we are turning into the "Tremors" couple, he has peeked at a few elephant guns. " Are we going to display them on the wall too, honey," I ask him? Oh and they aren't for hunting, he isn't really into that. I think he is just living out every boys dream to shoot inanimate objects. I think for now we are just going to start with the rifle, even though he thinks that I need to have a gun for me as well, I disagree. One is enough. I do not want to be a stereo type from a movie, and especially not one played by Reba McEntire!


Kara and Matt said...

Oh this entry made me laugh!! You see, when we got married, I was the one who had all of the guns! My husband was giddy that he married into my hick-family that owns an arsenal of guns. So in the last 4 years since we got married he has bought 3 guns and had 2 given to him. Although one of those was a new one for me! I call that gun my "Berry Picking Shotgun"; it is a 12 guage defender shotgun. Gun just seem to multipy on their own! Give it a few years and I am sure you will have a rec room just like Reba!

Julie said...

Did you know that dude was the dad from Family Ties? or whatever it's called. lol okay.. I pulled out Tremors from the DVD pile the other night for a "possible movie pick", I however did not pick it. After this entry though.. I am SO watching it this weekend! lol. Yay! Tremors and Thank You note writing!

PS> I'm totally angry because I bought what I thought were 50 all purpose CARDS..So I folded them put photos on them and such.. Just to find out there was only 25. So apparenty you are supposed to SPLIT them so they are no longer cards really? Dammit.. now I have to buy more, and I am angry.. I hope they don't fall apart.

Lindsay Gee said...

we had gunsAND A GUN RACK WHEN I WAS A KID. MY DAD HUNTED. After my parents got divorced my dad for some reason left the gun wrack at my house but took all the guns. I remember being 8 or so and watching him clean his rifle on the kitchen table of his shitty apRTMent. I remember sitting there and and then try to pick one up and dad say "careful Lindsay, that one may still be loaded".

hope you're having fun becoming a real wilderness girl. lol