Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh Sugar!

For my birthday Nathan and I took out some left over sugar from last year's sealift that had solidified into bricks. We had a bet how many bricks we could shoot through with a single bullet. Nathan won. No surprise.

You can see how solid the sugar actually was. It's too bad the now powdered sugar was unusable. Damn lead.

We then walked about 100 metres and shot at a target.
I hit all my shots on the board. Maybe not in the "important scoring section", but who's looks like I got an ear or nostril at least. That's worth a pat on the back.It was a good birthday.


In Iqaluit said...

Happy belated birthday! What a hilarious - and memorable - way to spend a birthday. Shooting sugar. You guys are a riot.

Anonymous said...

Haha how different are birthdays in the north! I remember one year Matthew and I went four wheeling for my birthday, collected heather(weed) to start a fire and roast marshmellow..but ended up using a Trisket Cracker Box to make a fire...and we packed hot choc. in thermos. And that was my birthday in a nutshell!! No movie theatre or restaurant! Matthew even made me a carrot cake from stratch.

Jen, from Grise Fiord