Friday, July 27, 2007

Norman Goes North

Let me introduce you to my little friend; Norm. He came back with us the beginning of June after vacation. There was some worry as to how well he would adjust to his new surroundings (and the dog), but things are looking good. He has settled right into being our resident "Jabba the Hut", slothing himself all over his new favourite pillow. Is there really any other way to be a cat? Clearly northern life suites him, all curled up in his warm little bed. Meanwhile poor Tallinn, who still insists on being outside is constantly getting soaked with the large amounts of rain we have been having. Clearly the cat knows better then the dog!


Kara and Matt said...

Dear Norman,

We have lived in Nunavut for 2 years, and still cannot figure out a way to escape. We have been digging in our poo-box everyday for hours in an attempt to dig to a warmer climate- but so far we haven't gotten far. If you figure out an escape plan, please include us. Our crazy owners don't plan on leaving here anytime soon, but we need a holiday on the beach at least.

Tweak and Freak Went

Julie said...

awwwwwwww kitty. I like norman, he its the most beautiful bengal ever in life! Even though my mysteriously makes my face flare up in hives....I own 2 cats! why does this happen! lol. I will call them temporary love pimples.

Jen said...

Dear Tweak and Freak,

I am much too lazy to ever thing of escape, however if I ever did I have been assured that the wild dogs would get me! My human picked me up one day and stepped a foot out the front door and as soon as I felt the cold air I freaked out. I put a stop to her ever thinking of taking me outside when I used her back as a launching pad back into the house. I made sure my claws went in deep so she would get the point and now all she talks about is clipping them. We'll see about that!

Stormin' Norman