Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ain't No Tims

It's no secret how I feel about not having a Starbucks, or even a Tims up here. The next best thing it to make it yourself, but it's always lacking. Why is that? Do the coffee shops in the south line their cardboard cups with some kind of drug that makes it taste better? For now this northern imitation will have to do, it's all there is to keep you awake during long nights at work, that and the extra hours of sunlight.


Dooner said...

I swear by the stovetop espresso maker, especially if you like strong coffee.

Tim's, by the way, uses a very light roast, which results in a very high caffeine content - which is probably why so many people are so addicted to it.

Patricia said...

Hey Jen AKA Nancy Drew
(It will make sense in a minute))

I had a large get togeather at my place last week! About an hour before I realized I dont have enough mugs for everyone and I didnt have time to run to town! So off I went to tim hortons to get some cups! Perfect! And you are probably wonder why I am telling you this story well "YOUR RIGHT" Its the cups you have solved the Tim Hortons Mystery! I have always bought the coffee from tims and brewed at home it last about a day then its back to the drive thru! The night of the party everyone commented on the coffee and I have to agree it was the best Tim Hortons wannabe coffee I have ever had! Let me know and I can mail you some cups! Take care