Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How to Pee on the Tundra

Out again, out again snowmobiling. Nathan's parents have been up for the last 10 days and it's been a blast. I took Nath's Dad out snowmobiling and I can only compare this trip to getting thrashed around in a blender. What exactly am I talking about? Well all of the snow has blown into a billion mogul hills that have hardened. I couldn't go more then 20km/hr because I kept launching off of these tiny hills and smashing back down again just to hit another one. My whole body hurt the next day!
But lets get to todays topic "how to pee on the tundra". First of all let me assure you I tried everything to avoid this, but at some point I gave up trying to avoid doing it. So the next question was how, when you are miles away from a potty, it's minus 20C out and your bundled up in your snowsuit? (hey why is it when you put on a snowsuit you have the urge to pee? Does everyone remember Robert Munsch's Book "I have to go!"?) My biggest fear was getting frost bite on my bum, but it wasn't too cold for the minimum exposure. Thank god I had a giant rock to hide behind! I am going to leave the rest up to your imagination but everyone should try this liberating experience! I feel like I could truly take on the world!
Here are some pictures from the trip!


Lindsay Gee said...

good book. yeah i remember. I dont know how you could accomplish a satisfying pee that way. i would most likly have urine all over myself.
Glad to here you kept your visiters well entertained... Sorry about the spelling, but i have accepted it as one of my short commings, so everyone else must now too.

Julie said...

i really like that last photo, i love how the rocks look like they are leaning in, they frame the photo very nicely!


Julie said...

i still love this last photo and i want it