Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The amauti (woman's parka) has a deep hood at the back in which babies and children are placed.

Here is my friend Christina and her beautiful baby girl Ainsley! She is styling the only way for mom and baby to travel: the amauti (spelled a MILLION ways as far as I have researched but pronounced A-moun-tee). A few of my other fellow Northen Bloggers are pregnant and I am totally jealous!! You can bet I will be getting one of these beautiful coats some day down the road... now to just convince Nathan that he really wants babies.


Kara and Matt said...

Hi Jen!

I have one being made for me right now over in Baker Lake! I am so excited to have it for next winter. It isn't used over here very often. Most ladies wear the Mother Hubbard style parka. But I am in love with the amouti. I am going to need some good lessons though to get my baby in and out!

Jen said...

My Friend and I had a lot of trouble getting Ainsley back in after they came to visit me at work. We had to call in a few other "get baby back in amuati" helpers! One Inuk lady suggested for taking the baby out, sitting up to a couch on the floor (baby sack part resting on couch), that way the baby is supported. Then reach up and behind back pain! You will have super strength mommy arms though to help this puzzle out! I say you will just have to make sure your husband is there to put the baby in and take it out.
Can't wait to see yours! What colour?

Indigo Sweetwater said...


You have a JOB!!???


Kara and Matt said...

I had better start building up my mommy muscles now! Mine is going to be portabello brown. Watching how quickly other ladies get their kids in and out surprizes me! I wonder if I will ever get that good!

Lindsay Gee said...

so by putting a baby in the sack at the back does that meen you no longer have a hood.. If so aren't you scared of suffocating the baby with scarves and hats??????? Im just curious and conserned about the babies... How does this work? I do not understand.

Jen said...

Dearest Lindsay,

There is a baby sack and the hood sits on top of that. When you put the hood up you pull it over both baby and mom. Does that Make any sense? Trust me the baby isn't going to suffocate!

Anonymous said...

I am Johanne, from France near Paris. I am seeking an the one i saw on the pic of your friend. Think it is the best way to carry a child in cold weather. I saw a amauti first on a tv program when i was pragnant in July, had a miscarriage since but trying to get pragnant again, so... Can someone help me to buy one ? Looking for answers here, where, how and who ? Thank you so much for your answers !.
(going to Montreal on the 2d of november for 2 weeks by the way)
Have a nice day all of you !

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am looking for a Mother Hubbard coat for my little girl (20 months). We live in Ottawa & I would love to find someone who would make one for her. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I am looking for an Amouti for my daughter, who is expecting November 11th 2010. Would like to have it made for her soon. Can anyone help me? Please send details to
Thank you so much.

Tiffany said...


I a wondering if anyone has the contact to have an amauti made. I am due in April and would loveeee to have one! I can be contacted by email if anyone has any information.

It would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks :)