Friday, February 09, 2007

Someone Ran Away

Tallinn escaped today. It was heart wrenching. Currently he is sitting on the floor next to me, smiling with that characteristic Malamute smile, it's almost like a grin. "Yeah I ran away, but I am freakin cute and there nothing you can do about it"!

It all started when I walked Nathan to work today. We came outside and the dog was just missing. Normally we have him tied up on a lead that runs on another lead, so he has a large area to run. The main lead over time (and Tallinn pulling) finally gave it's last breathe and snapped. Tallinn then escaped still attached to the other 30 foot lead that was originally chained to the main lead (does any of this make sense?) Anyways he was gone...

I started looking for him on foot but found myself in a total haze thinking about my poor baby ( I know I am total idiot for my dog). Nathan finally took me out in the truck and searched for a bit before out of the corner of my eye, I saw my poor stupid just sitting looking at us. It was hidden at first but soon became more apparent why he was just sitting. He was stuck. The 30 ft lead he was still attached to had tangled itself around a child's bike and while dragging that the bicycle became lodged into a snow bank. His journey was at an end. As happy as I was to see him safe, my thoughts turned to Sunday morning cartoons. I saw a character that would be trying to escape some obstacle, however hindering the escape such character would end up with a bucket on foot, continued by a garden hose and then attached to a bicycle. Thus preventing any kind of escape.

He had a good run and probably enjoyed himself, but for his theft of one child's bicycle, puppy jail time is pending...

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Lindsay Gee said...

Ohhh my goodness.

I almost peed myself reading this. Im very glad you found him and I can't imagine the worry, but at least you got a good story out of it. AHHH ha ha. what a dumb dumb.