Friday, May 01, 2009

Summer Vest Amauti

I took Ezri down for her 4 month shots yesterday, that's always a bag of fun. She was also weighed and is growing like a weed. Now 18lbs we are past 6 month outfits and going into 9month. I'm wondering when this is going to slow down. So many unused clothing items, it feels like such a waste. At this rate, give her another month and she'll be looking in my closet for something to wear.

It was so warm walking in the amauti yesterday that my back was soaked from sweat and so was Ezri. It was only minus 5 and that's too warm for my amauti. It's time to switch up to something a little lighter. My friend Meaghan makes summer vest amautis and has promised to make me one. Here is one she made, modeling Ezri.

Here is another one Meaghan made, Kim is modeling Oliver, as this vest didn't fit Morena or myself. Meaghan makes the vests different sizes to fit the individual, that's how the baby stays in. This particular vest was way too small for me. As my friend Naomi pointed out, it was just big enough with me wearing it to put a 12 week old fetus in the back. So too small. Kim fit it nicely. If anyone is interested in getting in contact with Meaghan about Summer Vest Amautis, send me an e-mail, or leave your e-mail in the comments section.


indigo said...

Please tell Miss Meaghna those vests are very stylin'. Bet the ladies in Iqaluit would love those!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I have one too and love it!!

Nunavummiut Jaime said...

"At this rate, give her another month and she'll be looking in my closet for something to wear."


Members' babies always seem to be huge, it's weird. It seems like everybody at work has big babies.


Morena said...

Great models!! I've used mine a couple of times down here and am getting lots of comments.

Aida said...

i have one made on the way!! those looks rad! i was told though with my bigger kids and i want to amaaq both of them on my trip, i dont want to use zippers since i risk them ripping, pullover was the way to go for me.

Marion said...

Wow, I love them, they look amazing!
I would love for Meaghan to make me one.
Please let me know if you can't see my e-mail address.


Yarnista said...

I'd love a summer amauti, my email is

Anonymous said...

I saw some women wearing these in Winnipeg (my home town) and my best friend and I were amazed at how comfy and attractive they were.

If you could put your friend in contact with me, I would love to find out more about them.

Jess from Winnipeg

Anonymous said...

please let me know how i can get this Beautiful item! Here in Europe (The netherlands) nobody knows about them!

Christie said...

OMG! These are amazing! If she is still making those I would love to get in contact with her and see if I could have her make me one!

Thanks my email is

Anonymous said...

I would love to contact her. my email is

Sephrenia said...

Hi there,
I love the Amauti and it would be perfect to get an summer Amauti :-) hope that still works, my email
Lot of regards!

Sephrenia said...
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