Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Shopping: Shopping in a store vs. Online

Now that I'm down south, one advantage to Christmas shopping is the instant gratification you get in a store making a purchase, not like having to wait 10,000 years for it to show up in the mail, the way it shows up north, when ordered online. It takes a little adjustment period for me switching from online to in store shopping... even though I regard myself as an high level experiance shopper (Nathan is nodding his head in agreement right now, whilst crying silently into his wallet). I am a shopping Ninja...but not in the find the deal kind of way. No, more in the stamina, can shop till I drop kind of way. I usually know what to get and where.

Except recently I have been finding it hard in some stores. I have become a little jaded shopping online. If I need a book, I go to amazon, pump in the title of the book and BAM it pops up. In a store...I acutally have to go and look for that book... peruse the isles. I recently became frustrated in Futureshop because I knew the title of the movie I wanted but could not for the life of me find it. I also couldn't find a sales person to help me either. I felt so helpless needing the help of another person to shop, like my ego was taking some kind of hit. All I wanted was for some magical "search box" to appear in front of me so I could type in the movie I wanted and click purchase. Traditional shopping, in a sense is becoming too slow and inconvenient for me.

Did you know that when your in the south things show up in the mail really, REALLY fast? It's kind of weird for me to think that I could be in the south, but prefer to some extent to continue shopping online. Shopping online also adds some sanity into your life after you've spent a Saturday afternoon at Walmart during their extended holiday hours. No one should go to Walmart on a Saturday, let alone during the Christmas season. That is one way to throw a laid back Nunavummiut into an anxiety attack.


Julie said...

I've done all my x-mas shopping online this year :)

Tina said...

Most of my shopping was done online. We went to the big city a few weeks ago and nearly had a panic attack driving in traffic. I love simple life! Though, I laughed out loud at your wish for a virtual pop up search engine box!

Aida said...

which reminds me, i need to finish my christmas shopping!

Alex said...

Buying things online COULD BE the greatest addition to capitalism since...well...the money clip.

I love that it gives you an opportunity to discuss a purchase you've made/considered making/are waiting for/recently received for weeks if not months! People will ask if I've received "that order" yet and even the ladies at the post office will call me at work to say that the box I've been bugging them about is finally in.

It's nice to be noticed.

Carla said...

Online shopping is catching on during Christmas.