Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Arctic Breed; In his natural habitat

Something has been happening to my little snowman recently, we have been catching him sleeping on things that are warm...and more shockingly inside. He never used to sit still while inside, always wanted back outside the moment he came in. Recently, in his apparently "I'm turning into an old man" phase we have found him in such places as the middle of our bed, feet under the duvet and head gently resting on Nathan's pillow. Or on the couch, curled into a relaxing ball. I finally broke down and gave him a blanket for his Kennel in our room. He uses it as a pillow, resting his head, while holding the balled up blanket with his front paws. He finally sees the importance of a blanket other then tearing it up into little pieces of batting.

Right now he is home with Nathan in the arctic keeping him from getting lonely, while I'm down south. Apparently he was confused when I left and waited, sleeping at the front door. He is going to be happy to see me again...for all of 10 seconds, until his puppy brain resets.


Julie said...

awwwwwwww :)

allmycke said...

Most dogs realise the errors of their ways eventually and begin to appreciate the comfort of pillows and duvets... Tallinn is no exception, as evidenced here.

Alex said...

how old is Tallinn?

Mine also just recently has realized the benefits of leaving my pillows and blankets intact. Took her a good year to figure that one out.

jen said...

lol I thought this day would never come allmycke!

Alex, he is just about 2 and half. Part old man, part puppy still. lol

Julie said...

I did it Jen.. just for you Lol